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Air Typer 1.0

Air Typer 1.0 is a game to practice typing while playing with a plane
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Air Typer 1.0 is a game to practice typing while playing with a plane.
You control a little plane and, to destroy the enemy´s balloons, you must type with your keyboard the letters that the balloons have on it.

When you press a key, you´re required to complete the word that contains that letter before starting to type any other. If you press a wrong letter, the computer will chime and note that mistake to deduct points from your score.

You will have another weapon, a zapper, that will destroy all the enemy airplanes when you press the spacebar. You can fire the zapper when its indicator, on the lower end of the screen, tells you that it is fully charged.

You´ll have a goal at every level. When reached, the game will tell you the score you got, your accuracy and will give you, if that´s the case, bonuses for your accuracy.

As you advance through levels, the planes will be faster and the words written on the balloons will be longer. The background will also change, at first you will see the Great Canyon, then you will be flying over a city.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice way to practice typing, playing a free game


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